Garage Door Opener Installation

A garage door has many more functions that just protecting your car. It keeps your entire home safe, can reduce your energy consumption and also increase the value of your home by as much as 4%. Considering that these doors perform so many equally important functions, they need high quality garage door openers to operate them efficiently and safely.

The Importance of Garage Door Openers

A good quality door opener is critical to the smooth functioning of your garage door. Here are a few reasons why:

Garage doors are really heavy and need a lot of strength be opened and closed. Garage door openers have been designed to act not just as operators (so you don’t have to use muscle power) but also as safety devices. The opener checks for any obstructions or obstacles in the path of the door as it closes. If the device doesn’t work properly, it means that its safety mechanism may not be working properly either. Which in turn means that you could be facing some serious safety risks.

In many homes today, the garage leads directly into the house. If a garage door is malfunctioning in any way, then you could be compromising the security of your home.

A door opener makes operating a garage door a simple task. Just click on a button and you can open and close your heavy garage doors with ease and efficiency.

Cost and Energy Savings
A good quality door opener will also ensure that you save on costs because you are using less energy. In fact, you could end up saving a substantial amount of money by ensuring that there is no energy leakage (read heating or cooling) due to a garage door that operate at optimal levels of efficiency.

Best Garage Door Opener in the Market

Choosing the right kind of garage door opener can be a little difficult. With so many different brands of the product now in the market, you need to first decide which brand to go with.

The best in the market is the range LiftMaster garage door openers, which offer you maximum performance and efficiency, as well as a quiet operation. We know how important all these factors are to you, which is why this is the brand that we have chosen to work with.

However, the next question you need to answer is which type of garage door opener would best suit your needs.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are basically two different types of garage door openers:

Chain Drive garage door openers are the most commonly used, and it involves the use of a chain that pushes or pulls the trolley that moves the door up or down. Such types of openers are not just affordable, they are also very reliable. However, they do tend to be somewhat noisy, so they are best suited for garages that are detached from the house.

Belt Drive garage door openers are different from Chain Drive openers in that they use belts instead of chains in their operating mechanism. Due to this, these devices are much quieter and so are usually used in attached garages. The down side to these types of garage door openers is that they are on the expensive side.

Ensuring the Complete Safety of Your Home

Just because you buy the best or most expensive garage door opener does not mean that your home is protected. These openers need to be installed correctly for them to provide you with the safe and secure home you desire.

Installation being done right is critical to ensuring your garage door can do the job it was actually designed to do. We know how dangerous an incorrectly installed garage door opener can be.

Forget about the noise that a faulty or badly installed garage door opener can make. The most important consideration is your safety. A poorly installed garage door opener can compromise the safety of you and your family.

Thus, besides repairing garage door openers, we also install them. We offer you professional installation services that ensure that our LiftMaster garage door openers are fitted perfectly at really affordable prices.

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