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Many signs tell you that you may need to repair or replace your garage door opener. While openers can last for many years without any need for repairs, you need to inspect it frequently, so you ensure that it’s working correctly.

Some of these warning signs can be that your door moves slower than usual, it causes a lot of noise when opening, reverses randomly when it’s opening, or has an outdated security system. Regardless of what the problem may be, it’s in your best interest to hire an expert to help you out.

What is a Garage Door Opener?

A door opener consists of a motor that automatically moves the door through the garage door track whenever the user triggers a switch. These switches can be located on a wall, or in the case of modern ones, they may be inside a remote controller, which the person uses to start the garage door motor from a certain distance.

Currently, there are many types of openers, and each one has a different way of opening the door by moving the garage door trolley, but they essentially serve the same purpose.

You can find these features on most door openers:

Keypad, power switch, or remote to operate the door opener.

Emergency release setting that allows you to operate the door opener by yourself

Security lights.

On the other hand, you can find these features on some modern door openers:

Built-in Wi-Fi compatibility.

A mobile app that you can use to open or close the door.

Programming the door to close automatically after a set period.

Battery backups.

Common Problems of Garage Door Openers

Misaligned Sensors

An excellent way to tell if you have issues with your garage door safety sensors is by watching how the door is closing. If your door starts randomly reversing when it’s about to close, or if it closes when there are obstructions on the way, it may be because of misaligned garage door sensors.

There are some LED lights on top of every photo-eye sensor; if one of these lights is blinking, you may have misaligned sensors. Misaligned sensors may pose a considerable safety risk for you, so consider getting them checked out.

The Remote, Keypad or Wall Switch Aren’t Functioning

Regardless of what type of device you have to open or close your door, they may give you some problems from time to time. While most people use a garage door wall switch or a garage door opener keypad, rather than a garage door remote, they may still cause some issues.

In most cases, with a garage door keypad or wall switch, the problem is in the garage door opener wall switch wiring. In this case, consider getting a garage door wall switch replacement. However, when it comes to an issue with the garage door opener remote, the fix may range from changing the batteries to replacing the whole remote.

Broken Gear

Having a broken gear can cause the door to work unproperly, which can be extremely dangerous in some cases. You can solve this by replacing the gear with a high-quality product.

If you don’t know which one to choose, here are our top three gear manufacturers right now:

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Doesn’t Close Completely

In most cases, this problem comes down to a garage door limit adjustment issue. A garage door limit setting allows you to determine when the door is going to stop moving up or down. If this isn’t set up the right way, your door may not close completely.

Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t Work

When you do your garage door safety check, you have to guarantee that its opener reversing feature works properly. If it doesn’t work, the door is not going to stop closing, even if something (or someone) is obstructing its path, which can cause an accident.

Emergency Release is Pulled Down

If the garage door emergency release is pulled down, the opener is going to be disengaged. While this works whenever there’s a power outage, you need to re-engage the door opener again when the power comes back. Otherwise, your garage door won’t open automatically.


Types of Garage Door Openers

Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

Chain Drive garage door openers are the most commonly used, and it involves the use of a chain that pushes or pulls the trolley that moves the door up or down. Such types of openers are not just affordable, they are also very reliable. However, they do tend to be somewhat noisy, so they are best suited for garages that are detached from the house or are relatively far from bedrooms.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

Belt Drive garage door openers are different from Chain Drive openers in that they use belts instead of chains in their operating mechanism. Due to this, these devices are much quieter and so are usually used in attached garages. The down side to these types of garage door openers is that they are on the expensive side.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Also called a ‘Jackshaft Garage Door Opener.’ This door opener is installed on the wall next to the door, and it uses the motor itself to go through the door track to open/close it. Since the motor is the only moving part of the door opener, it reduces vibration and noise, which provides a smoother mechanism. This door opener doesn’t require much maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about frequently checking up the mechanism. This type of door opener is mainly installed in commercial garage doors and residential high lift garage doors.

Brands We Work With

Our team only works with high-quality and standard manufacturers to ensure that your door opener lasts for many years with proper care.

When it comes to installing a new garage door opener, we work with the ‘Liftmaster’ brand, which has always proven to be long-lasting and effective for most homeowners. However, if you need a repair and don’t have a ‘Liftmaster’ door opener, our technicians are licensed to work with other brands such as ‘Chamberlain’ and ‘Craftsman'.

Why Choose Naperville Garage Door Repair?

Garage doors are one of the essential components of a house. It needs to be kept in good shape to avoid unexpected problems that can get you locked in your garage. However, to give proper care to your door’s opening mechanisms, you need high-quality materials and a professional that knows how to install everything correctly.

Our team has trained with these kinds of doors for many years, and we’ve worked with most types of doors that currently exist, so we understand what your door may need to start working again.

You can contact Naperville Garage Door Repair any day of the week. If you need a repair urgently, you can ask for our ‘Same-Day Service,’ where we can get to your home right away to fix your issue. We also work with the best companies in the field, such as ‘Liftmaster,’ so your door opener is in good hands.

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