Garage Door Openers: Chain Drive vs Belt Drive

When buying things for a new house or to replace older things in your current home, you must always purchase what’s best for you, considering your needs; this also applies to your garage door since it’s essential to choose the right garage door opener for you. Taking that into account, there are two main garage openers: the chain drive, and the belt drive.

Many things differentiate both of them, and you must take them into account, which is why we’re going to go over the main differences and advantages of both to help you make your decision. Keep reading to know which product is best regarding the belt drive vs chain drive garage door opener!

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Which Garage Door Opener Is The Best?


Chain Drive Opener: Chain Drives are the best choice if you are working on a budget since they are the affordable option. Regardless of its price, the chain drive is a top-tier choice that does its job correctly.

Belt Drive Opener: Belt drives are not as cheap as chain drives, but they make up for that with their resistance and longevity, making it a fair price to pay on a long-term basis. A chains drive can last as long as a belt drive, but it needs a lot of maintenance such as periodic lubrication. It’s also very important to lubricate your garage door every once in a while. When it comes to belt drives, you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon nor doing any frequent repairs.


Chain Drive Opener: The chain drive is notably superior to the belt drive in terms of strength since it’s able to lift reasonably heavy materials with no trouble. If your garage door is made of heavy material such as metal or hardwood, you may want to pick a chain drive garage door opener.

Belt Drive Opener: As we mentioned before, the belt drive is not as strong as the chain drive, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t lift moderately heavy materials. If your garage door is not that heavy, you may consider getting a belt drive since it lasts longer.


Chain Drive Opener: If you don’t like loud noises disturbing you, this could be a setback for you since chain drives are noisy. While this could help you notice when someone enters and goes out, it can become a nuisance in the long run.

Belt Drive Opener: On the other side, belt drives are known for being the quietest garage door openers you can choose. If you like to remain in silence while you are at home, this is the option for you.

Battery Backups

Both chain drive and belt drive garage door openers support most kinds of battery backups, so this can be considered a tie between both options. However, keep in mind that some battery backups are different than others. Some battery backups only give you the option to open your garage door when there are electrical problems in your area, and others add more advanced features, such as Wi-Fi connection and integrated video cameras.


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When it comes to the belt vs chain garage door opener debate, both options are great for your garage, but you must take all the things mentioned before into consideration if you want to choose the correct one. If you are looking for an inexpensive but sturdy garage door, the chain drive is the one for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a more durable garage door that is not noisy, and you don’t mind spending a bit more money, you must pick a belt drive.
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