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Controlling the movement of the door, garage door cables are responsible for lifting and closing the door. These cables are under a tremendous amount of pressure and are prone to have wear and tear type of issues.

Our technicians carry with them all sizes and types of garage door cables, so they can replace your cables the same day. Do not try to DIY repair these problems by yourself, since it may be extremely dangerous. If you are facing garage door cables’ problems reach us today to receive same-day service from one of expert technicians, with no extra cost on the weekend. 

Garage Door Cable Issues

Garage door cables are bound to experience problems over time. This can result in a snapped garage door cable due to its’ weakness. You do not want to get to this point because broken garage door cables are much more challenging to fix than ones that are not. Keep an eye out for the issues mentioned below and contact us if you notice:

Old Cables

Garage door cables do wear down over the years. This means that the older they get, the weaker they get. Old cables are more prone to damage as they are not as strong anymore. The best thing to do when you have old cables is to replace them to avoid significant damage.

Rusted Cables

You should always keep an eye out for any signs of rust. Rust often develops quickly in areas where humidity or moisture is present. When cables begin to rust, their strength is compromised. If you do not repair or replace rusted cables, you are most likely going to end up with broken garage door cables.

Snapped Garage Door Cables
Rusted Garage Door Cables

Jammed cables

Cables often get jammed when they are tangled or when they are no longer on the turning drum. This brings all movement to an incredibly frustrating stop. You do not want to be left with a garage door that does not budge.

Unwound cables

Unwound cables are a result of the cables slipping off of the turning drum. When this occurs, it is not always the easiest thing to fix, and it is a major inconvenience. Our team of experts can resolve this issue for you as they are highly qualified and trained in all matters relating to cable replacement or repairs. If you have unwound cables, the garage door is not going to move, which can be a bit of a problem for you. This is something that you want to get sorted out immediately.

Types of Cables and Uses

Lift Cables

Lift garage door Cables

Lift cables are responsible for moving the garage door, as they are the part that enables you to close and open the garage door. These cables often differ in magnitude and size – the size differs varying on the weight of the door.

Retaining Cables

safety garage door cables

Retaining cables assist in stopping the extension springs from falling or harming the environment when something wrong happens to them. The retaining cord is connected to the extension springs on the garage door.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

When there are problems with your garage door’s inner workings, you should always call a professional technician to take a look, especially when it concerns your cables. Your garage door cables must be repaired or installed according to all safety regulations. A technician from Naperville Garage Door Repair is just the person to complete this. All technicians employed are professional and appropriately certified. Plus, they have years of experience and can complete your garage door cable repair with expert knowledge.

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Jammed garage door Cables
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