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Is It Possible To Repair a Garage Door Panel?

Garage door panels are prone to receive damage from a lot of different sources like cars and strong winds. Luckily, there is the possibility to replace the damaged panel instead of replacing the garage door. Call us today if you are located in Naperville and the surrounding area to receive a same-day visit from one of our professional technicians.

We’re open 7 days a week, without an extra charge on the weekends. Our technicians will take measurements and find panels that will suit your garage door best.

When Should You Replace Your Panels

Replacing the garage door panels can be more beneficial because of two aspects – price & time. Replacing a broken panel can be considerably cheaper and faster than replacing the entire garage door. The following situations are events when you should consider replacing your garage door panel:

Bent Panels​

Trying to bend panels back into place is not going to give you a sturdy structure and can produce more serious structural problems in the future.

Broken garage door Panel
Garage Door technician fixing door panel

Broken Panels

Broken panels are dangerous because of two aspects. First, they cannot support the weight of the door. Secondly, They make it easier for external agents to enter your garage and home.

Dented Panels

One of the most common situations that require a panel replacement. Dented panels can lead to a misplacement of weight that can lead to different garage door issues in the long run.

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Deciding when to replace your garage door panels or the entire door can be a difficult choice sometimes. Both options are good for different situations since there are times when a panel repair can be more useful and vice versa. Here is our take on the topic.

Localized or Widespread Damage

It is essential to check that the replaced panels do not negatively impact any other components of the overall structure. If the operation of various parts is regarded, you are going to have to repair all these elements, not just the panels. In this case it will be more efficient to replace the entire door.

Availability of Panel Parts

If you can find identical or similar replacement panels, you do not need to worry about installing an entirely new garage door. Finding easily accessible boards is usually not an issue concerning modern or more advanced garage doors. If you have an older structure, you may have to replace the entire door as the parts may not be available.

The Number of Damaged Panels

How many of your panels need repair or replacement? If you find that the majority of your boards have problems, it could be a wiser decision to replace the garage door as a whole.

Garage Door Panel replacement

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

Hiring the right garage door expert for a panel replacement is crucial as you don’t want to have the panel replaced stand out and ruin the aesthetic aspect of your garage door. We at Naperville Garage Door Repair got you covered. With over a decade of experience, our expert technicians have a keen eye and can identify the exact panel you need. Call us today to receive a same-day visit from one of our experts!

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