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Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

We at Naperville Garage Door Repair understand that every garage door spring issue is an emergency. When you have broken springs, the garage door can feel extremely heavy and dangerous to operate. We carry more than 100 different garage door springs and offer same-day service to ensure that once you reach us, we will be able to solve your garage door springs issues the same day you called.

What Happens When The Springs Break?

Although garage door springs are manufactured to be able to withstand extreme amounts of pressure and tension, they can still become damaged or break over time. There are different indications for a damaged garage door spring. For example, your garage door opens only halfway, or your garage door cables are starting the get loose. It is important that you contact us for spring replacement as soon as you notice those signs, because once the spring is broken, you most likely won’t be able to lift your garage door.

Our Garage Door Springs Best Practices

Replacing Both Springs

Regardless of the number of springs you have, It is crucial to replace all the springs once there is an issue. The reason is that the springs work in unison with one another, meaning that if we only replace one, the other is inevitably weaker than the new replacement. This will make the garage door rise in an uneven manner and can even cause the door to come off its track.

Safety Inspection

We begin and finish every job with a safety inspection. This way we can ensure that all the parts of the garage door system are in proper working condition and that the garage door works properly after we finish the repair.

Using The Right Springs

Choosing the right garage door springs for your garage door is not as simple as it looks. There are many factors to take into consideration such as the size of the door, the weight, the type of springs system you want, and much more. If you install garage door springs that aren’t fit for your door, it can cause damage to the different parts of the garage door system.

Garage Door Torsion Springs
Broken Garage Door Springs

Types of Garage Door Springs​

There are two types of garage door springs – torsion and extension springs. Each of these has its own advantages.

Torsion Springs​

Torsion springs are located above the garage door. These coil-shaped springs are made of metal and they are the most common and recommended type of garage door springs.
They use torque movement to operate your garage door.

garage door Torsion Spring

Extension Springs​

Extension springs are also known as tension springs, which are equipped to stretch in length and work to help lift and lower the garage door. This is done by providing return force to the garage door that’s extended to its original position.

Extension Garage Door Springs

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion ​

A common misconception surrounding extension springs is that you have to replace them with new extension springs once they break. However, this isn’t the case, every homeowner has the option to replace extension springs with torsion springs, which is generally encouraged as torsion springs are known to be more durable than extension springs.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break​

If the springs of your garage door break, one of the first things you should avoid doing are trying to lift the door manually. The reason for this is because a garage door is incredibly heavy and lifting it can be dangerous as there isn’t any support to stop the door from slipping off the track and hurting those beneath it. Manually opening this door can also damage the garage door opener gear.

The Danger Of Replacing The Garage Door Springs Yourself

Remember that this is a mechanism capable of lifting a door that weighs hundreds of pounds. Therefore, a sudden snap, for example, could have catastrophic implications for you. People have died or have gotten seriously hurt while working on garage door springs and accidentally releasing the weight of the door. Your best bet is the call in a professional.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

Our licensed and professional technicians at Naperville Garage Door Repair are the best in the business and have years of experience. When investing in our garage door spring replacement service, you’re saving money in the long run by preventing potential damage to other garage door parts, and by purchasing quality springs that will last you years to come.

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